Garden Abundance in a Peasant Ware casserole

Garden Abundance in a Peasant Ware casserole

  • Casseroles vary in size, $85.00 to $150.00

Peasant Ware: Earthenware dishes for people that love to cook

Sometimes late at night, just when I should be falling asleep, new work will pop into my mind. This was the case with the Peasant Ware. I had watched some months previously, a cooking show with Jamie Oliver where he was exploring little family restaurants in Italy. I found myself thinking, what would Jamie Oliver like to use for his cooking dishes…and before the night was over, Peasant Ware had been designed. I wanted it to be, as Jamie Oliver would say, “easy peasy”, so there are no handles sticking out, just a nice thick rim that gloved hands can easily slip under to lift the hot bakers out of the oven. The work is earthenware with a thick cream coloured glaze that is very durable. I create, spout bowls, mixing bowls, serving bowls, lidded casseroles, open bakers and pie plates.

This line of work is created with a lot of love for all the people out there that cook with a passion. My hope is that you will love creating feasts for your loved ones with my work as much as I loved creating it for you. Enjoy!

Mary Fox, aka, Fox that Pots…

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