Glass Chalice

32 cm W x 25cm T

32 cm W x 25cm T

Chalices are my favourite forms to create. In all of my work with the chalice, I strive for a feeling of upward or opening movement and a sense of the interior space containing the energy of the vessel.  These are challenging to throw, as they are shaped down to a small point that is later trimmed to about the diameter of a quarter. They balance on this point in the kiln and, if they survive their firings, I then glue the narrow end into a rock or black clay base. The rock based chalices are much rarer as it is difficult to find a rock that will flow with the chalice. With these pieces, my goal is to create a sense of the vessel emerging right out of the earth. Anchored in sandstone bases from the area where I live, and decorated with glazes created by mixing the earth’s minerals, these sculptural vessels are both born from and evocative of nature.

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