What a treat to be featured in the Times Colonist House Beautiful section of the paper.

My latest interview had some interesting questions for me to write to…enjoyed it.

Mary Fox

North by Northwest

In October 2016, Mary was interviewed about her show at Winchester Galleries and her studio sale on CBC’s North by Northwest. You can listen to it here »

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Winchester Galleries

Winchester Galleries Where you can find the work that I consider to be my finest. present Mary on the Cowichan Valley Artisans Tour:

Obsessive Artist

I was recently interviewed for The Potters Cast podcast #52 by Paul Blais. It’s a long interview but you’ll learn lots about me. 🙂 If you have time, would you mind going to iTunes and giving the show a rating and a short review?

Listen to it here

Download Mary Fox Pottery brochure (700k PDF)

Back in May 2014, Mary was interviewed on behalf of Fired Up! Listen to her interview below:

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 Local Friends 

Cowichan Artisans: We are professional artisans who make our living by producing the most creative, honest and authentic work that we can. Located in the beautiful Cowichan Valley on southern Vancouver Island, our studios and workshops are our private worlds where we do the hard work of creating. They are places full of contradictions; we have fun, are inspired, sometimes fail, do things for the first time and things we’ve done a million times before. They contain a vast assortment of specialized tools, machines and materials that are integral to what we do and produce. Many people find these spaces fascinating and inspiring. We welcome the public to experience our work in the place where it was made, and experience the process by which we transform our raw materials into unique and personal creations.

Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce profile: Mary Fox Pottery

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