ÉCONOMUSÉE® Artisans at Work

ÉCONOMUSÉE® Artisans at Work

EconomuseeAn ÉCONOMUSÉE® is first and foremost an enterprise that operates in the field of fine crafts or the agrifood sector and that uses authentic know-how in the production of products.

Here at Mary Fox Pottery ÉCONOMUSÉE®, we showcase the artisanal trade of Mary Fox. We open our workshop to the public so we can share our knowledge and passion with you. You may also purchase our products made on the premises.

An ÉCONOMUSÉE allows enterprises to reach out the general public, explain local culture and contribute significantly to the preservation of intangible cultural heritage.

The ÉCONOMUSÉE® experience is:

  • Meet and converse with the artisan-entrepreneurs right on the premises where the creation and production take place
  • Participate in an interactive and authentic cultural experience by watching artisans at work
  • Discover the stories of the products that are carefully crafted on the premises using traditional and contemporary know-how
  • Enjoy a comprehensive learning experience developed by a team of professionals based on certified standards

There are currently more than 70 ÉCONOMUSÉES® in the world and nine in British-Columbia. For more information:

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