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Do you have a space that is crying out for something special? I enjoy working with interior decorators to help make their clients’ homes or offices beautiful and unique.

My latest commission is for a client in Singapore, they love the bottle vases and would like 4 created, 16 inches tall, glazed with the dark blue terra sigillata and white crawl glaze. Getting them a similar shape and size was a challenge but they are made now and drying in the creation room. Will put up pictures when they are finished.

finishing-bottle-and-2-bases-waiting-for-the-necks-to-be-added your-4-another-view

Bottle Vases 45 cmT by Mary Fox

All finished and shipped to China….

Below is a piece I just finished after a site visit. The client lives on the ocean and wants an amazing centre piece for her dining table that is evocative of the sea. She gave me an idea of the size of piece she would like and this is what I have created for her. Now it needs to dry slowly and then be glazed.

Cascading Tidal Pools, still in the leatherhard stage, created for clients home.

Cascading Tidal Pools, still in the leatherhard stage, created for clients home.

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 I’m an interior decorator in Victoria that both covets & recommends Mary Fox’s work.  A trip to her studio is inspiring – one may find the jumping off point to a project or the perfect finishing touch.

Mary has a comfortable, accessible and  unpretentious rapport with the design trade and directly with collectors.   She takes a personal interest in where her creations take up residence!

Mary Fox is talented, fun and I can’t wait to work on more projects with her!

Dawn Garneau

Get in touch if you are a designer who would like to work with me on a project or with a client.

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