My gallery and studio are open to the public year round.

Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 11 to 5 pm. Mornings, Sundays and Mondays are by chance or appointment. I walk my dogs in the mornings and am usually back and open by 11 am…my dogs and I look forward to your visit…Fox that Pots….

321 – 3rd Avenue, PO Box 35
Ladysmith, BC V9G 1A1
(250) 245-3778

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How to Order

As you can see from looking at my work there is a lot of variety and what is on the shelf one day may not be there the next.

If you see something that is of interest to you, give me a call or email me and I will be happy to tell you about the piece and send you pictures.

Payment is by Pay Pal and all sales outside of Canada are billed in U.S. dollars. I am used to shipping work world wide and haven’t had anything broken in years. You need private insurance to insure Ceramics or Glass for breakage and as that is prohibitively expensive I don’t have it. If anything got damaged in transit I would replace it at no cost to you.

Special orders require a 50% deposit.

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